Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading apparel manufacturing company, We understand and appreciate the responsibility we carry towards the environment and to our community.

Being compliant is an integral part of Needle Craft’s culture and that is demonstrated in our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner.

  • Needle Craft Group established satellites units based on local community work force and helps them by proving vocational training and permanent jobs.
  • Needle Craft Group also collaborated with local govt authorities to hire the Syrian refugees and provide them training and Jobs.
  • Considering the Needle Craft Group environment commitment we converted all our facilities on LED lights
  • All sewing machines are converted to Servo motors.
  • Needle Craft Group got approval from Jordan government to convert their facilities on solar energy.
  • Needle Craft is studying the option of Leeds Certification.
  • With various customers we periodically organize give away events and charities for orphans and refugees.
  • With the help of Industrial Zone and Needle Craft management effort, managed to install waste water recycle plant within the zone.
  • 50% factories water waste goes into waste water recycle plant for recycling and after treatment supplies to agriculture usage.
  • Within the Group we’ve changed internal formats of documents in order to reduce 40% extra paperwork usage and relying mostly on electronic reports generated by our own designed ERP system.
  • In entire Group we uses 100% recycled material care label and 80% hangtags made by recycle material.
  • Needle Craft Group printing Plant we uses environmental and Eco-friendly chemicals.