Group Strength & Capability

” Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game” Tony Alessandra

  • We are not just a Garment manufacturer, we offer our customers valuable services to improve their performance and enhance their brand.
  • At Needle Craft, we understand requirement of brands, that is why we have offered unbelievable MOQ’s for our customers. We are offering 600 Pcs per color with 2400 Pcs per style even working in market like Jordan.
  • Needle Craft Team is fully equipped to handle Small PO quantities for our customers shipping over 3000 Pos each month with selective destinations.
  • Needle Craft operating in Middle East, has a complete setup to accommodate customers Sales Samples request, every season a dedicated team is handling between 40,000 to 45,000 units of Sales samples.
  • Needle Craft’s logistic department is in line with its customer’s requirement to offer direct-to- store shipments.
  • Our IT department has equipped us to work on a Pull-Data-Strategy by attaching Needle Craft ERP to our customers ERP systems.
  • CAD System:                         10
  • Gerber Spreading System:  14
  • Auto Cutter:                         07
  • Cutting Machines:                85


Well trained staff, fully equipped to handle any kind of stretch knit / compression fabrics.

Needle Craft Group is equipped with Fabric Relaxing and Color System.

Features and Advantages
  • Roll to roll process so that material can be used by an automated spreading machine.
  • 2 stages of fabric relaxation: last-loop and air floatation.
  • Edge control for increasing productivity of spreading machines.
  • Automatic width monitoring at 20 times per second for optimizing markers and nests.
  • Length measurement by calibrated pressure adjustable digital output measuring wheel.
  • Automated collection of data for use by management for cutting room planning.
  • Needle Craft is fully automated sewing section. Following is a highlight of some of machines.
  • H & H Ultrasonic Bonding and Seam Sealing
  • Automatic Belt Loop Machine
  • Automatic Placket Setting Machines
  • Automatic Welt Pocket Machine
  • Automatic Lock stitch Pocket Welting and Flap attaching Machine
  • Automatic Pattern Sewer
  • Union special blind stitch machine
  • Automatic button hole and button attach
  • Automatic Kangaroo pocket attach machines
  • Placket setter
  • 4N 6T Flat Seam Machines Largest Capacity of Flat Seamers in Jordan under one roof.

Largest Fleet of Heat Seal Machines under one roof in Jordan

NEEDLE CRAFT is a pioneer in offering Bonded Garment Technology out of Jordan. As a visionary company, we are always looking for new ways to provide value to our customers through continuous innovation and outstanding quality products.

Advantages of Bonded/Stitch Free
  • Stitch free garments eliminates the need for sewn bulky seams
  • It’s smooth when worn next to the skin
  • The absence of bulky seams mean that garments are more comfortable because there is less chafing or rubbing against body.
  • Stitch free garments improve the water proof capability
  • Stitch free garments strength as strong as sewn seam garment in tensile tests the fabric should break before the welded seam does.
Duty advantages for Bonded/Stitch Free
  • Polyester performance wear 28% to 32%
  • Track suits 28.2%
  • Swim wear 25%

Needle Craft Group is fully equipped to turn flat patterns into photorealistic 3D designs and immediately see the results of any changes to the pattern.

It helps to make better and faster decisions while still in the design environment by visualizing how changes in style, fit color, fabric type and design features will affect the final sewn product-without engaging in a time intensive and costly physical sampling process.

  • State-of-the-art Embroidery machines with 700 heads and 9 color option.

  • Fusing/Interlining Application.

  • State-of-the-art Laser Cutting for various appliqué and design options

Needle Craft is equipped with 3 MHM Oval type and 4 Automatic Octopus type MHM printing machines, has a unique advantage to provide screen printing under one roof and fulfill the core demands of our customers with a daily capacity of 65,000 units per day.

Needle Craft is the first company in Jordan to offer garment sublimation printing to our clients.

Our PAD PRINTING equipment is an ideal large parts pad printer machine. It handles 150mm ink cups that enable printed images up to 140mm in diameter – significantly larger than the industry standard 130mm ink cups, which are only capable of 115mm images.

The pad printer machine is offered as a 1- or 2-color printer and features an extended forward stroke, two-position pneumatic shuttle and XYR micro-adjust printing plate assemblies.

This piece of pad printing equipment is ideal for crisp, accurate graphics because it has excellent pad compression capability and provides ample room for large, hard printing pads or pad clusters. It’s also perfect for handling large promotional products and tagless garments.

  • Quality is key in terms of manufacturing. At Needle Craft, we ensure that all our product meet or exceed the quality standard of our customers and certifying organizations.
  • Our Quality control department is working at following processes.
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Trims evaluation
  • Cutting
  • In Line
  • 100 % End Line
  • Pressing
  • 100 % Final Quality Checking

Needle Craft has an independent Quality Assurance department that performs all the inspection and system audits on a daily basis. All audits follow the stated AQL standards of our customers.